Skilled Nursing
Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses are available to assist with all nursing needs, including skilled nursing teachings, observations, assessments and procedures.


Physical Therapy
Licensed Physical Therapists are available to establish a program of therapeutic exercises and to educate in the proper use of medical equipments and assistive devices.


Speech Therapy
Speech Therapists are available to assist with a program of speech and language instructions to improve and restore communicative skills which may have been lost due to disease or accident.


Medical Social Services
Medical Social Workers are available to assist patients and families with problems related to home care. We coordinate essential community services to help establish financial or assistance and other services in the plan of care.


Home Health Aide
Certified Nurse Aides are available to assist with personal care, simple treatments, exercise and personal hygiene.


  Occupational Therapy
  Registered Occupational Therapists are available to assist our patients in the restoration of functional abilities such as feeding, grooming, dressing, and home making as well as reaction and vocational skills.


  Nutritional Counseling
  Nutritional Therapists are available to assist patients with nutrition, diet, and exercise regime.


  Healing Through Prayers

 *****PICC Line Insertions, Care and Follow Up*****